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News Editor: Wade Majors

February 28th
Bob Boudreau discovered a ping reply incompatibilty with Bowser and some noncompliant servers, it has been fixed and 1.1.1 is here for you to download!

February 26th
Development on Bowser has slowed down somewhat. We have begun work on a new IRC client for BeOS. More details to come. Go download 1.1-release of Bowser while you wait :)

January 9th
We've got a new build up for you, check the Current Build section to the right. It has lots of new goodies, including multiple nick select and auto reconnect :)

December 24th
I hope everyone is having a great holiday. Here is our gift to you -- version 1.0! This is a very exciting release for us, and there are lots of new goodies. Download and check the Changes file to the right.

December 10th
We will now start the practice of putting "pre release" builds to the right along with our stable releases. Check the Changes file for whats new.

December 8th
Whew. Day 42b is here. Lots of changes in this one. Download the binary or source to the right. And a personal request, if you have something you'd like to see added or fixed, PLEASE use the bug database! Click the bugs link in the top right.

November 23rd
AnEvilYak is at it again, he's got 2 new fixes in for DCC file transfers, one dramatically increases transfer performance--especially for high bandwidth users, and the other fixes an embarrasing DCC related crasher bug which brings down net_server with Bowser, yikes! We normally try not to put out new releases so quickly, but I figure these updates are important. Download d42a to the right.

November 22nd
Well today was a big day... we're finally up to date on BeBits! Bowser d42 is here. Binaries and CHANGES file are accessable to the right.

November 22nd
I'm still alive. AnEvilYak has helped me knock out two bugs -- a redraw bug in the Channel List that was making the text get freaky when you scrolled, and the weird inverse mouse over issue in the Color Preferences panel. They've been checked in, and expect a new binary soon.

November 13th
I've fixed Connect Commands so they now work on servers without MOTDs. Thanks Epiphyte (why didn't anyone mention this earlier!?) We are now at d41a, new binary is to the right.

November 12th
I've noticed an instance where the new "Show topic in titlebar" option is being ignored, and have checked in a fix. Also, Electroly's spiffy new About box (originally designed for the now defunct v1.0) has been added. These changes are avilable via CVS, and will be included in a future binary.

November 12th
I've checked in some final fixes (including 'you've been kicked' kick messages finally be sent to the channel window, and auto rejoin). We are now at d41! Downloads are to the right.

November 11th
Sourceforge is finally up to date with everyone's local changes!


1152x864, d43
1024x768, d41

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